Why:  Not everyone is around that was supposed to see the Cruisery so unbearable is my way of remembering life is short and we don't get a replay.   stay wild!

My great-grand father William and my grand father Elbert  

Russian River - 1917

What:  Laugh and smile- they're both free.  Don't take yourself too seriously.  Work hard and play hard.  Spend quality time with loved ones because life can be short and unpredictable at best.  when you look back- it's the time spent WITH THESE PEOPLE that you'll remember. 

Now you can put down your phone.

HOW:  The idea started on a road trip to get the antiques for the Cruisery.  We knew we had to go to Nowhere, TX so we might as well do some "research" while we're in Texas.  Specifically, the name and the bear idea started while doing research in Austin.  We went to Rainey Street our first night in Austin (go check it out if you get the chance) and ran into a bar with a GIANT giraffe.  Obviously we took a picture.  It would have being insignificant except that half our group ran into a larger giraffe stumbling home later that night.  They claimed it was way bigger and it was locked up in someone’s yard.  No one has been able to confirm the “other” giraffe sighting. The next day we were hungover and drove to get our antique filled U-Haul.  We were blind-sided in a Walmart parking lot for 2+ hours by a pilot who just stopped to say hi because he saw that we had a big U-Haul.  We ended up showing him everything we'd bought at the auction because we didn't have the energy to say no.  We drove off into the night on our way to get a puppy.  The next day in Waco, TX ( YES- Where Chip and Joanna live from Fixer Upper) we had to stop at their bakery.  It was like a shiplap Disneyland.  There was security and an entrance with a fence around the entire block.  We didn’t have time to wait in line so we went to see this large antique salvage yard somewhere just outside of Waco.  When we were walking around when we saw a bear head on the wall with lightbulbs in it.  Later we realized the Baylor Bears had inspired the head.  We went and asked how much- they said $55, I think.  I immediately started googling giant bears- and saw a couple that looked like they might work as a mascot.  So as we walked around we began to throw out bear puns. So we bought the lightbulb bear head (now hung in the rafters above a ping-pong table) and as drove we started texting about more bear puns.  Someone said Unbearable and we were sold.  We started out wanting to do something very different than everything else in town with the Cruisery but Unbearable had to be different.  It needed to bring people of all ages together.  We want people to play games, have fun, sing and meet new people in an environment that allows everyone to feel comfortable and included.  A GIANT bear, old skis/snowboards off facebook, homemade ping pong tables, vintage Skee-ball tables from New Jersey, lockers from a middle school wood shop, a vintage California flag from the Rose Bowl flea market, canoes from a man who rented them to movie studios and ton of other fun things later- here you are.  We really hope you’ve found a place that you don't NEED your phone:).   STAY WILD SANTA BARBARA

Stay Wild,


Aron, Tucker + Penni.