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My great-grand father William and my grand father Elbert  

Russian River - 1917

Why Unbearable: Life is fleeting, and not everyone who was meant to experience The Cruisery is still with us. 'Unbearable' is my tribute to the brevity of life—a reminder that we don't get second chances. Embrace the wild spirit within and savor every moment.

What We Believe: Laughter and smiles come for free, and we encourage you to embrace them. Life is too short to take oneself too seriously. Here, we work diligently and play joyfully. We believe in cherishing quality moments with loved ones because life's unpredictability reminds us that time is precious. When you reflect on your journey, it's the shared moments with these remarkable individuals that will etch the fondest memories.

Now you can put down your phone.

Origins and Vision: The concept of The Cruisery and its spirited alter ego, 'Unbearable,' took root during a memorable road trip in search of antiques. Our journey led us through the heart of Texas, where we embarked on a mission to find unique treasures for The Cruisery. While traversing 'Nowhere, TX,' we decided to make the most of our Texas adventure with a little 'research.'

The name 'Unbearable' and the bear-themed idea sprouted during our time in Austin. Our first night in this vibrant city took us to Rainey Street, a must-visit spot. There, we stumbled upon a bar with a colossal giraffe, which left us awestruck. Little did we know that this chance encounter would shape our journey.

Later that night, some of us ventured out and encountered an even larger, mysteriously locked-up giraffe in someone's yard. To this day, we debate its existence. The following day, our adventures took us to Waco, TX (yes, the hometown of Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper). We couldn't resist stopping by their bakery, a shiplap Disneyland of sorts, surrounded by security and a white picket fence.

Opting not to wait in line, we continued our exploration, eventually finding ourselves at a sprawling antique salvage yard just north of Waco. Amidst the treasures, we stumbled upon a bear head adorned with lightbulbs (later discovering it was inspired by the Baylor Bears). It felt like fate. We inquired about the price—$55, if memory serves me right. As we continued our journey, we couldn't help but envision a giant bear mascot.

Bear puns filled the air as we texted each other during the drive, and it was during this playful banter that someone suggested 'Unbearable.' Unbearable had to be more than just a name; it had to embody something unique—a place that brings people of all ages together. We envisioned an environment where everyone felt comfortable, included, and free from the tether of their phones.

Our vision came to life with a giant bear, old skis and snowboards, homemade ping pong tables, refurbished vintage Skee-ball straight from New Jersey, lockers from a middle school woodshop, a vintage California flag from the Rose Bowl flea market, canoes that once graced movie studio sets, and a host of other delightful surprises.

At Unbearable, we hope you find a place where you can disconnect from your phone and connect with the moment. Let's play games, have fun, sing, and meet new people—all in an atmosphere that encourages you to be yourself. Stay wild, Santa Barbara!

Stay Wild,


Aron, Tucker + Penni.

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